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Ben Streetman Solid State Electronic Devices 23.pdf


Ben Streetman Solid State Electronic Devices 23.pdf

Solid State Electronic Devices. Seventh edition. Ben G. Streetman • Sanjay Kumar Banerjee. Solid State electronic devices. Streetman. g g g g vi Na and lA CI atoms per unit cell = - 2 ^ ^ ^ ^'^ = 4.86 -10"23 - 23. of finding an atom in the stable state at time t is N(t)=N0 • e"7. Abstract - Recent progress in digital devices has pushed the limits of silicon technology. Hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) is a promising new material for digital devices due to its high electron mobility and its high dielectric constant. We study the stability of doped h-BN quantum wells by first principles calculations. We find that the incorporation of Si or Ga impurities into a h-BN quantum well is energetically feasible and can lead to the formation of Si or GaN-like defects. In fact, we find that the atomic configuration of GaN and GaN-like defects in GaN/h-BN is surprisingly similar to that of SiN and Si-like defects in SiN/h-BN, respectively. The formation energy of SiN-like defects is by around 0.8 eV per defect lower than that of the GaN-like defects. These calculations show that doping h-BN with Si or Ga is a promising approach to form high-quality Si or GaN-like defects in h-BN. Keywords: Silicon, Gallium, Boron Nitride, Hexagonal Boron Nitride, Doping, Quantum Well, First Principles Calculation, Single Phonon Emission Wiley, 2014. 192 pages. US $200.00. Abstract - Analyses of the atomic-scale mechanism of protein folding reveal that (i) the unique molecular architecture of proteins provides naturally occurring energy landscapes that enable the rapid acceleration of folding, and (ii) small changes in the protein sequence can create new protein folds. We present a review of recent experimental and computational studies of design of the energy landscape for folding and stability of small peptides and proteins. A common finding of these studies is that, given a natural amino acid sequence, the design of protein stability is surprisingly easy, even though many design variables (e.g., residue composition, hydrophobic interaction, and hydrogen-bonding patterns) are involved. ... Enzyme Design. A review of the structures and mechanisms of

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Ben Streetman Solid State Electronic Devices 23.pdf

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